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    Freetown, Sierra Leone West Africa

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Royal Mews Buckingham

The awe-inspiring craftsmanship through its latest range of pure gold jewellery. The Royal Mews Buckingham is a working department of the royal household, responsible for all the road travel arrangements, by both traditional horse-drawn carriage and by car, for the Queen and other senior members of the royal family. The Queen’scoaches, carriages, limousines and horses (Cleveland Bays and Windsor greys, each named personally by the Queen) are kept here, ready for the next royal outing.Opening times are subject to alteration at short notice so it’s worth phoning before your visit.

Gold Bull

“No one knows when the bull market in gold will end.” The gold bull will end because real interest rates have turned positive, or hyperinflation will have run its course, or a new gold standard has been adopted, or gold prices have gone beyond silly.  Gold and silver are, however, in a bull market, and are good things to own.

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